sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

I was chasing my dream, but I tripped over reality and busted my head open on the truth.

Sweetie, stop trying to impress me, telling me what color his boxers are. Bitch, i know. I bought them! ;)

It’s not that I “hate” you. It’s like, uh, let’s put it this way: If you were on fire and I had water, I would probably drink the water.

If love is just a game, then I like the way that we play.

You say I play hard to get, but have you ever stopped to think that maybe the others were just too easy?

There are Many things that I would to say to you..

You're a reason, a reason to live.

Let's break the walls between us.

lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

I enjoy the simplest things in life such as milk mustaches and friendly tackles. I love those days that are unplanned yet turn out to be amazing. I love hanging out with new people and instantly connecting with them. I love those times when everything just seems funny. I cherish the good memories and learn from the bad ones. It’s a cliche to say life’s too short to waste it, but hey it’s true. I’m young. I just want to smile and live it up.

I love it when boys say, “Don’t I get a hug?”

I love being out at night. walking. looking at the stars. breeze on my face. my hair flying everywhere. empty streets. friends/friend by my side.

I am already fucking sick of saying what I think and then having to apologize so you won’t bitch about it.
Life isn’t always about love, but when it comes to love, it’s always about life. Bitch, love your life.

miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Did it hurt when you realized i never really needed you? When i walked out the door with a smile on my face, and never looked back? Or maybe when all of your friends left you for me? Guess you should have never underestimated a girl like me.